Wednesday, April 7, 2010

March 8, 2010

I met a couple of friends today for lunch. I twas so nice! I got the added bonus of stealing my husband away from his dungeon - um I meant office - for a couple of hours too (even though this will mean extra time put into work this evening for him). It was almost like - dare I say it? - a DATE! I think it was much needed too. I spend a lot of time right here on my computer, usually in my pj's and fluffy red bathrobe. Normally my hair is bundled into a ponytail or twisted up into a clip to keep it out of my face and the idea of make-up is as laughable as the idea of 50 of the top publishers showing up at my front door tomorrow trying to outbid each other for my latest manuscript. (If you're going to dream, dream big!) Since I usually write stories for middle grade or younger, I try to stay in the light and sweet side of my personality. Needless to say, balance is sometimes and issue and my grouchy side occasionally tries to take over. This month has seen a bit more social activity than usual, and it's really helping me keep the crankiness that sometimes sneaks in around the edges at bay. Balance is important to me. Plus, I think Scott appreciated seeing me put more effort into how I look than usual (grin). And yes, days like this also help add some energy into my writing and get the characters moving inside my head again if they have decided to be difficult. Makes getting on my way to something a while lot more enjoyable! So, this week's plan is mostly to be ready for the weekend's Craft Show where I will be signing books and hopefully getting some story time appointments set up. I thought about dusting off the fairy wings, but it's hard to navigate the crowd when I do, so I'm still debating. I really need to get through at least the chapter I'm working on with Fiddlebug Gets Dragonpox - its' been dragging along for long enough and the next chapter is starting to get impatient. So there's what I'm on my way to. I'll be a little late updating this weekend, but I'm hoping the craft show will keep me too busy to write. I'll let you know how it goes!

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