Wednesday, April 7, 2010

March 6, 2010

Fiddlebug and my week both had other plans for me than finishing my rough draft. It's funny how characters just refuse to "talk" sometimes. I did get some more added to my closet monster story so it wasn't a complete loss. I'm writing that one for my niece, who shares her name (and possibly a part of her personality) with my main character. Hopefully it will be just right in time for Christmas so she can have a one of a kind present!
One thing that sort of crept up on me again (because it does from time to time) this week was that I really like writing. Maybe it was the dentist appointment and the grocery store and getting school schedules more under control - all of which took time away from the stories in my head - that reminded me of how much I really do enjoy watching the characters and plot walk their way along my keyboard and onto the virtual paper of my screen. Maybe it was just realizing that Fiddlebug wanted a longer rest and my closet monster had some things to say. Maybe it was the kid that asked me I was REALLY the one who wrote Fiddlebug because he liked it. Or maybe it was a bit of each and a dash of everything else thrown in. Whatever it is, I remembered in full force how much I really like this outlet. I have no need to be the next big name on the latest must read book list. I'm happy just creating my worlds and sharing them with whoever might like to spend some time in them. Breaking even is sort of an economic necessity these days, and getting enough profit to buy myself a fancy coffee in celebration would be GREAT (although I of course wouldn't turn down the opportunity to claim an actual income from doing something that I love), but wherever I'm ultimately on my way to with pen and ink and the occasional use of watercolors, I hope I always remember to enjoy the path.

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