Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

I've decided to switch up my goals just a little bit this week. Normally I focus on the literary stuff, but right now I've got a couple of projects that I'm either in the middle of or that have been put off for longer than I like. I've got one person to talk to about carrying Fiddlebug, and updates at various spots are underway (as you can see), plus I'm getting new business cards printed. Other than that I'd like to take a little breather from the book stuff and take care of a couple of Back Burner Projects.

First on my list is my laptop bag. (This is actually already underway.) In the spirit of being at least a little eco-friendly, I use an almost 17 year old Toshiba camcorder - you know, one of those big ones that took VHS tapes? - carrier for my laptop. Works out pretty great actually. Heck, my laptop is even a Toshiba so I look like I put effort into matching ! The only problem with the bag is that it's pretty hideous. Picture sun bleached, used to be gray canvas that has had more than it's share of oreo covered little hands on it; has been used as a cat bed; spent 5 years in a cabinet in the kitchen without seeing the light of day... Yeah, you're getting the picture now aren't you? Even Scott mentioned that it's pretty rough and I should get a new one. I like it though, it's just the right size for everything I lug around in it. Then it hit me - I'm an artist! DUH!!! So I decided to paint it. I gesso'd it - sort of like primer - just like canvas, and now I'm using old Artex (anyone remember this from the 70's?) paints thinned with paint thinner so I can work them with a brush instead of that roller ball thing they used to have going for them. (How I end up with the stuff I end up with is anyone's guess!) So far I'm LOVING the results. I'm hoping to finish it today if the weather stays good enough to get back in my tree house for a couple of hours. (Those paints really stink!)

Second on my list is to paint an old trunk that I had given to me. It's really solid, and the inner tray is even there and in good shape, but the outside has definitely seen better days. I'm not sure of what I'm going to use it for yet, but the extra storage space will come in handy here. Log houses just don't come with a lot of that as a general rule.

And that's my list for the week. I'd better get a move on with it too! See you Friday with the results!


  1. Enjoy your vacation from writing goals, let your stiff typing fingers relax and wordless mind roam free with abandon. If only we could go without words for awhile. lol

  2. Brit are those your Mom's artex markers? I remember loving those things, and I believe I was a little jealous of your momma 'cause she had so many cool ones! Make sure you post some pic's of the new and improved bag.

  3. Yep, those were Mom's Artex markers - What surprised the heck out of me when I pulled them out last fall to paint something else, the paint is still good in most of them. The roller balls don't work, but I think that could even be fixed! Sort of amazing after all these years in a box in various temperatures. Handy for all sorts of projects too - I've done handpainted glasses and rocks to label my plants - next is going to be flower pots I think. Free paint rules! I've got a lot still if you wanted some. Just let me know!

    And oh the mental vacation is WONDERFUL! It's going to be a little hard to get back to things next week though I love writing, but this break was just what the doctor ordered!