Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9, 2010

Guess who met her goals this week AND tossed in moving her blog on top of it... yep, that would be me! Just in time for a certain home improvement store to be having a 3 for $10 sale which seems like it would be a great way to spend my $15.00 for not being a slacker *big smile*. I will take one more read through on Clyde before it's time for her to be "born" but that is just the last minute paranoia check. I was really happy to find that I still like the story just as much if not more than I did when I first wrote it, and the minor tweaking I had to do only improved things. I found who I'm going through to get my website hosted, and it looks like I shouldn't feel completely technologically illiterate while getting it set up. It's sort of embarrassing how much I am on this computer everyday and how little I know about using it! *laughing* I have a rough idea of what I want things to look like, and what all I want to make available on the site too. It has been a good week! Tomorrow is the Lewisburg Chocolate Festival - which should make up for having to get up at 5:00 a.m. to have Mason (my oldest) and a friend of mine's daughter to the college in time to take their ACT. Plus all of tomorrow's activities will be right up the road from that 3 for $10 sale... Oh yes, I am happy!
Be back Monday with clean hands and something new to be on my way to! Enjoy your weekend!

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