Wednesday, April 7, 2010

March 19, 2010

It's a busy Friday, but I did manage to organize both my office and my head a bit during the week, so at least today doesn't feel as hectic as it could. Plus I will have a couple of things off of my To Do List by the end of the day. Progress is good.
Speaking of progress, I made a bit more this week than I thought I would. I got the query letters I've been putting off finished and even sent two of them out. One produced a rejection, but it was a quick turn around which I appreciate. However, maybe I'm rare or strange as a writer, but seeing as I don't "connect" with a lot of stuff on the best seller lists, I don't' expect everyone to "connect" with my writing. Agents and authors have a rather intimate relationship I think. I'd like to have one where that "connection" is there. If it's not, that's enough reason to pass on by. The added mention of a rough market really didn't do much for me. I see how rough the market is, how unstable the economy is, and how bleakness has settled over the financial world - this is actually a lot of the reason I write how I do. Kids need something positive to look at, even if it is only in a book. they need reason to giggle. They need reason to dream about better things. they need someone to tell them that just because they are young doesn't mean they cannot or should not change things for the better - even if it's only in a small way. Mentioning a rough market as a reason to reject my query just felt a little like overkill or an expected justification to me. This opinion is general, by the way, not directed at that particular agent. You have to be a nice person to be able to leave someone smiling when you turn them down, which is exactly what she did.
Okay, I'm off of my soapbox. the sun is shining and I hear a bird earlier! I'll be back on Monday to see what I'm on my way to. Have a wonderful weekend!

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