Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

Heavenly Habit Jacob's Ladder and 6 white pansies came home with me last weekend. They are now snuggled into the ground around my little pond stretching their roots and reaching toward the sun. I also spent 3/4 of the day yesterday planting some purple iris that were waiting out the winter in a bag under my porch, transplanting two small sage bushes that wanted more light than they were getting where they were, moving the primroses so they line the outside of the walkway and open up the area around my little "babbling brook" and laying this really pretty wild ground cover in front of the pond. Notice I didn't use the word "weed". (I admit I like dandelions too, they shout their happy yellow at a world that doesn't really appreciate them. Don't forget the wishes you can make once they go to seed either.) I'll post a pic of the changes to the pond after I get to buy something nice and bright for the containers at the end of this week.

Now it's back to Monday and the setting of new goals. I was looking at my calender earlier and realized that Friday has me in fairy wings for the kids over at Mountain Heart in celebration of The Week of the Young Child. I need to brush up on my read aloud skills and make sure I have coloring pages printed out! This is also the week I'm going to start building my website. Since I'm two steps away from being computer illiterate and I'm hoping to have a place worth visiting, I'm not going to set finishing it as my goal (although I'd really like to). Getting it halfway done will let me spend this $15.00 that's staring at me - I'll even get to shop in costume! I wonder if I should consider that promotion or whether everyone else will just think I'm nuts...

So, that's what I'm on my way to this week. Wings don't fail me now!

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