Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30, 2010

This post should actually be titled "Why not getting the list done is actually a good thing." It took me a few minutes to stop being disappointed, and maybe I pouted a little over the fact that this is the first week where I won't be getting new flowers because I just didn't get what I said I would done. The roadblocks to finishing the list aren't huge, and all but one aren't entirely in my hands - plus the ball is rolling on everything, I'm just not to the end of it all yet. Business cards are ordered, but won't be in until next week. I'm caught in a phone tag cycle with the very nice woman who I need to talk to about Fiddlebug. Ah, and the trunk... that's completely on me. In my defense, the weather was less than co-operative early in the week, and I am taking my time on it so it doesn't look as sloppy as I do when I'm done painting . Plus I've decided I'd really like some cedar lining for it. I do think I misjudged the time it would take though, which bugs me. Ah well, in the long run it'll be better for it.

I did, however, get my laptop carrier painted, AND I LOVE IT!!! Nice, cheerful, simple design. One of a kind too, which is (I think) the best part of doing stuff yourself. Almost makes me want to just lug the laptop everywhere with me so I can show off the bag !

Okay, so now on to why NOT getting my list done this week is sort of good. First, I can use the money that was going to pay for flowers to help with the cost of a larger number of business cards. Second (and my least favorite) I really need to do some weeding anyway - hey, maybe I can look at that as punishment for not getting the list done - and some of the plants I already have need split and/or relocated. Not getting new flowers is a great reason to spend the weekend dealing with what I've already got out there. Plus it reminds me that next week, I'd better get it in gear!

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  1. The bag looks great, forget using it as a computer case, use it as a purse, that way you have an excuse to carry it everwhere.