Wednesday, April 7, 2010

February 1, 2010

(Adjusting imaginary football helmet and shoulder pads) This week is looking rather interesting! A blood drive, lunch with a friend, finally getting Christmas gifts delivered to my "kid from other parents" and her family, the final season of Lost (yes, I'm an addict), and the normal, everyday homeschooling/house/mom/wife stuff. I've decided to use it all as a distraction to help me keep up the acts of bravery in my literary life. I submitted a (very) rough query letter to the critique group in the hopes that once they stop chopping at it I'll be able to see how to rebuild it better... stronger... faster (oops, couldn't resist). I'm calling Tamarack to get scheduled for a pre-judging for Fiddlebug. I'm picking up the copies I have on consignment at a wonderful bookstore in Bluefield, Va (Hearthside books if you ever get over that way) so that I can continue my plan to regroup and rethink sales. I'm also going to finish cleaning up a couple of manuscripts to take with me on Feb. 13th to a writer's workshop in Charleston. All in all a busy week - and I'm really looking forward to getting on my way to it!

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