Wednesday, April 7, 2010

January 4, 2010

Here I am again on a Monday. Monday's always seem to have strange combinations of theme music in my head, and today is no exception. Floating around in my brain I've got the Lollypop Guild welcoming me to Munchkin Land while the Gorillaz work Feel Good Inc. into the mix. Trust me, it clashes. I'm blaming it all on the fact that I've been tasked with double checking our Open Enrollment paperwork and the changes to our health insurance. Paperwork has never been and most likely will never be one of my favorite things - especially when it's written in a dialect of legalese.
This in combination with the fist week of school after a nice big break has made me decide to keep this week's literary goal straight forward and small. When I originally published Fiddlebug, I split the book in half (roughly) due to self-publishing/per book cost. I planned to edit the second half as another bedtime story book including multiple stories. I have since changed my mind and decided to do chapter books instead because the second half just works better in my mind that way. I've been working at getting the stories separated out. This week's goal is to carve out the other story I know is pretty much complete and get it into it's own file. Then I'll check to see what is left over and how I can use it. Unless my muse decides to come bite me on the butt, that's all I'm on my way to this week... well, that and maybe the Tylonal.

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