Wednesday, April 7, 2010

February 8, 2010

Mondays are weird. You can feel the potential of the week hovering just out of reach and this should be a good thing, but it normally just ends up feeling manic. So after a big breath and a trip to the post office, I'm a little less scattered and ready to babble here for a few minutes.
Over the weekend I ended up having to go through all of my desk drawers in search of a specific computer disk for the hubby. I'm not sure about your desk, but mine ends up catching odd bits of everything from around the house - I'm sure I don't' put it all there either! Interestingly I happened to find some forgotten story starts in a couple of buried notebooks. This made me remember the even longer forgotten story starts I had in a folder on my computer that hadn't been opened in a couple of years or so. what can I say, I've got a mind like a steal trap - things get in there and never escape to the world again. My muse is probably off in the ether giggling her butt off about this too. Here I am, knowing I need to get one more story done for the Fiddlebug and Friends trilogy and I'm distracted by post-apocalyptic Anna with her half human/ half elf issues, or the short story I wrote about the last chain smoking moments before the vampire makes it in the door, and I spent two hours dinking with Harmony the very self-absorbed, and decidedly inharmonious dryad. And that's only THREE from the folder - all of which could use the liberal and loving strokes of a red pen. So, I'm trying to reign in my new found enthusiasm for old projects enough to get some work done that I think needs to happen first. It's not easy!
So this week I'm on my way to: a second call to Tamarack and at least one good start on the new Fiddlebug and Friends rough draft. (with some sneaky brainstorming on the other stuff thrown in like brain chocolate... when I make some decent progress of course.) I think I'm gonna enjoy the journey!

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