Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday's Words from Almost Comfortable Skin #32

#32 The world’s jerk quota has been filled. Please work on a more positive life skill.

This one is dedicated to the "caregiver" who left an 80+ year old woman sitting beside a support pillar in her wheelchair in a parking garage in Charleston, WV for 45 minutes while she went to get the car... and forgot where she left the woman she was supposed to be taking care of. Yes, the truly wonderful elderly lady is fine and hopefully has found a better person to help her out since last Saturday.

(Wednesdays Words come from either personal experience or observed situations that have settled into the thought patterns that make me who I am.)


  1. It is also dedicated to the 20-something "woman" who destroyed a local family last weekend by doing drugs, driving her vehicle 85 miles per hour down our road, losing control of that vehicle and hitting an oncoming car killing a father instantly and sending his 14 year old daughter to the hospital. And to those who fed her the drugs that caused her total lack of judgement.

  2. I'm not sure I can top the drugged up girl in the car. Pathetic.