Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011 Guest Interview with Tristan Mitchell

I count myself lucky to have known Tristan since just before my official transition into adult life. He's one of those people who simply makes this world a better place just by being in it. So I send my best well wishes along to him for reaching his goals (I believe this post is actually past the completion date, however I'm SURE he has new deadlines to meet) - even though or especially because they are work related.


Interview with Tristan Mitchell

Q) What goal are you working toward?
A) My current goal is work related. I am preparing the shop for this year’s remodel jobs. Since we also install appliances on a daily basis, the goal is two fold. Step one is to clear and maintain an in/out area for the installers to pick up and drop off appliances. Step two is to clear out the shop of everything else not crucial to the upcoming remodel jobs.

Q) What made you decide to work on your goal?
A) As are most job related goals, my boss decided to make this a priority.

Q) Do you have a timeline? If so, how do you set it?
A) I believe I have until the first of March to get everything situated. Again, this goal was set by outside circumstances, particularly the start time set by the customer.

Q) What keeps you motivated?
A) This question is a bit snarly for me due to the fact that I consider myself a laid back person. The thought of getting the job done and getting it done right is probably my biggest internal motivator for the majority of my goals, big or small, business or personal.

Q) How will you celebrate when you reach your goal?
A) Does anyone realize how hard it is to live in the moment when reliving past victories?

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  1. What a wonderful internal motivator to have.