Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011 Guest Interview with Trinity Hinton

My name is Trinity, I first met Brittney in high school some 20 + years ago, and, like a lot of other people, I wear many hats. Currently, the hats I wear most often include: wife, mom, domestic goddess, dog trainer to my 3 wonderful mutts, and student. My husband is an amazing man who I started dating 23 years ago. This summer we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and I can proudly say he’s still my best friend. Our daughter is 17, a senior in high school and heading off to the Marines later this year after graduation. I’ve went back to school to get the degree I should have had almost 2 decades ago (in Computer Programming) and that is a HUGE goal for me – but it’s not completed until May 2012, so it doesn’t really count as a goal for this year, unless you count getting through this year part of that goal! Seeing as how this isn’t the first time I’ve been to college, I understand all too well how “things happen” and you become a college dropout, but I really can’t foresee anything happening to change that for me this time around. With age comes many things, one of which is determination – and that’s something I definitely have where school is concerned!

Working hard for amazing grades in school – as a female going into a male-dominated field I have to be better than average. (Ideally, I’d love to keep the 4.0 GPA going strong!)
Keeping the mountain of laundry under control! – this will minimize automatically when our daughter heads off to boot camp. *grin*
Get back in shape again – this seems to be on my list every year and I haven’t quite figured out how to make this happen yet, but that doesn’t stop me from buying gizmos and gadgets that are SUPPOSED to help (but really just end up cluttering my closet and workout spaces)! On the plus side, I’m running out of excuses as I seem to have used them all up!
Train all 3 dogs (2 of which are rescues) well enough that they could be off leash and that they always listen even when animals or other tempting things threaten disobedience. (I’ve been watching a lot of the Dog Whisperer, too! LOL)
Enjoying our 20th wedding anniversary – not many people anymore seem to stick together and this is a milestone. The fact that he’s still my best friend is even more amazing because yes, we actually DO enjoy spending time together!
Seeing our daughter graduate high school, turn 18 and go off to Marine boot camp – she is officially an adult later this year and we can only hope that we did our job as parents good enough. (Oh yeah, after September, we can yell out with enthusiasm “We’re Free!!!!” *grin*)

As for what made me choose to pursue these goals – most of them are just what is happening at this point in my life. They chose me more than I chose them! ;)
Timeline – end of the year?! I figure if they are goals for this year, they’d BETTER be settled by December 31st! LOL
Motivation – my motivation for almost everything I do is my family.
Celebrations will consist of hanging my head and putting most of these things back on the list of goals for 2012!

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