Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

Craft Show and Contests and Dad... Oh my! Come on, a complimentary golf clap for the effort would be appreciated anyway. But seriously that's pretty much my list for the week. I'm looking forward to a visit with my dad this weekend - which unfortunately I will be juggling into time at the Arts and Craft Show at Greenbrier Valley Mall. It'll be great to see him though, and since I'm dragging him along with me for part of the time, maybe he'll be a better salesman than I am! Aside from that I'm On My Way To finishing up some contest entries with a March 15th deadline so I'll meet my writing quota by default! Nice when things work out that way.
I'll see you for a check-in sometime between Thursday and Sunday. With the weekend looking as interesting as it is I'm trying to give myself some wiggle room. Have fun with your week and enjoy wrestling your goals into submission!

(Note on the pic: That's my dad, Rick Trescott, with his wife Pat Lyles looking all happy at the river through their woods in Alabama.)

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  1. Complimentary golf clap sent your way. See you and Dad at the craft show.