Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011 Guest Interview with Rodger Jackson

This week's interview is with a Rodger Jackson. Rodger and my husband met when they were in A School with the US Navy. Later when they were both stationed in the same area we had the pleasure of Rodger being our room mate. I can honestly say that there aren't many nicer people in the world, and that Rodger's wonderfully laid back attitude floats over the surface of a very determined person. I have no doubts that he will meet his goals. I also LOVE his answer to the motivation question!


Interview with Rodger Jackson

Q) What goal are you working toward?
A)I am studying to be a paralegal at my local Technical College.

Q) What made you decide to pursue your goal?
A) I was digging ditches for a living and one day I had an epiphany about "Working smart instead of working hard".

Q) Do you have a timeline? If so, how did you set it?
A) My time line is 5 full time semesters as prescribed by my degree program. I should have my degree this time next year as I have one semester completed already.

Q) What keeps you motivated?
A) If I don't make at least a C then I don't get the funding to pay for school and I have will have to pay for it out of my own pocket. Not wanting to risk finding myself in a ditch again is another powerful motivator.

Q) How will you celebrate when you reach your goal?
A) Part one: When I reach my education goal my celebration will be restoring my Corvette that has been a glorified yard ornament for the past few years. Part two: I will probably stay in school until doomsday or thereafter and start to work on another degree right away.

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  1. Paralegal certainly does beat digging ditches