Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18, 2011

The gym plan is moving along. I didn't make it on Wednesday due to Chance's dentist appointment, but Monday went really well and I just got home from today's visit (and can still move). Maybe there aren't any physical improvements yet, but my brain is starting to feel less cloudy and sluggish... and grumpy. Works for me! If you are wondering, I made the contest entry deadline. I'm pretty happy with the entry too which helps. Now it's off to a writer's workshop in Charleston tomorrow and the rest of the weekend spent with my 3 favorite guys. Have a great weekend!

(Note on the pic: This was taken last year, but I was happy to see that the leaves are up and there is a nice bud making its way to the sunlight!)

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  1. A good workout, sun shine and a glimpse of Spring does wonders.