Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011 Guest Interview with Steph Spahr

Meet my friend Steph Spahr. Of all of the wonderful friends I have, she has put up with me the longest - we met in 8th grade and been there ever since. She's one of those impressive people who is always slow to anger and quick to laugh, and although she doesn't mention it here she's fantastically artistic. I have no doubt that she'll reach any goal she sets her mind to - she always has after all - and I'm proud to be in her corner cheering her on!

Guest Blogger Questions

1) What goal are you working toward?
a.) Trying to become a 'more involved' and affective parent with my 11yr old without crossing the "I wanna be his friend" line. (ok, almost 'too late in the game' but I have a very extraordinarily caring son..so I may have some hope after all)
b.) Attempting to focus more time on ME and then also on my husband...I feel that is very important that you don't forget yourself and your marriage...after all that is what makes the family a family! (loosing weight & getting in better shape for the "me" goals, taking time in every day to show my husband I appreciate him...he is very good with this, me - not-so-much, I stumble over words cuz I've never been good at expressing myself in a "gooshy romantic way"...sorry just AINT me!!!)

2) What made you decide to pursue your goal?
a.) The parent sculpting....mainly because I was noticing I wasn't following thru on things and was also noticing that I was getting good at telling my son "I'll be right with you after *insert not-important have-to task here* (such as paying bills, making dinner, watching my tv show)...then I started noticing I never really would get back to him about what he wanted me for....I don't want to look back on my time as a parent and say "my goodness...he's all grown up now and I never spent enough time with him!" or "he's ready to go out on his own...and I didn't do my best as a parent to show him what he should know for life!"
b.) Hum...as for the "focus on ME"....honestly it only took looking at myself in a picture (nuff said) and as for focusing on my husband...I know I have married my best friend and I don't want him to forget that I DO appreciate him each & every day! (gawd...how mushy gushy corney does that sound?!?!?)

3) Do you have a timeline? If so, how did you set it?
a.) Let's see...my son is 11 now...so that gives me 7 more years to get this thing right! (hum...or maybe a few years less than that cuz I'm sure the "friends" will step in front of me at about age 15-ish)
b.) for me...I'm trying to get on a time-line for my "me make-over"....can't say I'm strictly sticking to it thought (need some additional motivation...I guess the idea of stuffing this body into a swim-suit this summer hasn't been enough of a push in the right direction for me yet)

4) What keeps you motivated?
a.) Thinking about a comment my mom made to me "Make memories with your kids NOW rather than letting day-to-day life get in the way then one day they move out and all you can do is look back and say 'I wish I would've..."
b.) I'm still trying to figure something out that will work on helping to keep me motivated with loosing weight....so far...nothin'...that would definitely explain why I'm having such a tough time with it!

5) How will you celebrate when you reach your goal?
a.) Hum....don't really have a "celebration" planned for the kid thing....I'll just be pleased to know I did a good job when the time comes.
b.) If I can reach my goal...I told myself I am LONG overdue for some NEW CLOTHES!!! (in my new "smaller size")

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  1. Appreciating family is sure wonderful ambition and knowing that focusing on yourself is a big part of a happy family.