Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8, 2010

And the house is.... still absolutely in need of a fleet of cleaners to descend upon it with their magic carts of supplies. Don't get me wrong, I got a lot done this week. I just didn't get much cleaning done aside from necessary laundry and dishes. One thing I've learned though is that I don't have to fear; the mess will still be there later. Heck it will probably have grown larger too! No "bad mom and wife" guilt will be needed because someone else came and did my job. Strangely, I wouldn't mind feeling a little guilty that way at the moment (just joking people!)
I have been finishing up other back-burner things though which feels really good. I finally got the trim painted at Mom's - that's been on the list since June... Mason got to go clothes shopping - very necessary... Chance got to the dentist - also very necessary... I'm wrestling school schedules for the boys - which I don't want to talk about... I have some marketing balls rolling for Clyde - which was too much fun to pass up... My friend and I celebrated the "birth" of our books -EXCELLENT day!... And now it's off to restock what we're out of and get some things in the mail. I'll see you again on Monday when I'm sure I'll claim to be On My Way To a clean house again!
(Here's an older picture of our house during a really pretty sunset - I'm adding "take new pictures" to my To Do List right now!)


  1. Neither house cleaning or marketing are fun, but necessry evils. Weee neeeeed moooore caaaake. Oh, my editor would not approve.

  2. The problem is that we need more of THAT cake! How's the wait going for you?