Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

Hey look, it's another Monday and here I am ready to make some new goals. Okay maybe not exactly ready, but I'm going to pretend that I am anyway!
Over the weekend my friend and fellow writer Theresa Flerx (check out her website at ) went up to Charleston for the West Virginia Book Festival. While we were there we had the opportunity to listen to Nicholas Sparks speak about his writing career. He is the exception to the rule when it comes to time spent searching for representation in the publishing industry. It would be easy to be jealous of a man who got an agent 3 days after sending his first query letters, sold his first book for 1 million dollars very shortly after finding the agent, sold the film rights of that book before the actual book deal was closed, and gets called to see if he has "anything lying around" that Miley Cyrus could star in for Disney. Then you hear him speak, and you want to cheer him on instead. He truly seems like a good person. I'm glad I had the chance to listen.
Since I have not yet climbed to where Mr. Sparks has I do believe that it is time to set forth this weeks goals for the literary mountain. I may never sell a manuscript for 1 million dollars... but then again if I don't work toward that goal then I don't stand a chance!
This week I am On My Way To writing something new. No goals for word count, no goals for time spent. I just feel like seeing what comes out of my head if the only goal is to get something on paper. My thinker-upper needs some exercise. The marketing for Clyde, the real world, the paperwork will all fit in as they fit in. I'll let you know what happens to the blank page on Friday... hopefully it will turn into many filled pages!
Until then, best wishes with your own path this week!


  1. Thanks for the mention. It was a great day in Charleston. I have no doubt you will get that notebook full by Friday.

  2. I'm so excited about your book coming out today, Theresa! I can't wait to read the final version! And I'll let you know if anything viable appears in the notebook.