Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22, 2010

My porch thermometer read 39 degrees this morning... YUCK! That means snow is just around the corner! Don't get me wrong, I like snow. I love how it makes the world look clean and makes my brain feel like it's time to snuggle up into warm fuzzy thoughts. What I don't like is cold, and 39 degrees is a pretty good indicator that it's here and doesn't plan on leaving for a while. *sigh*
This actually ties in strangely with meeting my goals for the week - which I did. I am 22 handwritten pages (which equals... well not so much) into something that will require a pen name if it ever makes it out of the house. Stop looking nervous. It will probably fall into the young adult category, so using the same name I publish children's books under is a bad idea. I like the concept and character and hope it continues moving forward - BUT (yep, there is one of those) this character surfaced, demanded to be put on the page and has been making poking gestures at a few things that have been bothering me ever since. My subconscious is mean that way. So, it seems that it's time to make some changes in my world. Suffering for my art seems silly to me - I'd rather make the necessary changes that will allow me to dance because of it.
How does this tie in with the cold? I'm glad you asked. No matter what the calendar says I think that each of us has a temperature gauge that tells us when the season is changing. My gauge shouted it loud and clear today. Season changes are great times for habit changes as far as I'm concerned. If everything changes at once I'm less likely to find myself falling back into old routines. I think this is a great weekend to really look at where I am on my personal path. Next week I'll start drawing up a new map just in case the path gets lost in the impending snow.
Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday!

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  1. Cold and snow mean more inside time, and less time spent outdoors means more writing, time which is a good thing. So have fun hibernating and writing.