Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

Welcome to another week! The first whole week of having Clyde the Undead Dust Bunny all nice and tucked into her book and available! It still feels really good, but the realization that it's time to get to work selling the book is starting to set in. So is the realization of everything that got put on the back burner the last couple of forevers while I twitched text, revised illustrations and wrestled formatting issues. Truth be told the real world is going to be getting a whole lot of my attention this week. The rest of my little scattered brain and itty bitty amount of time is going to be devoted to getting Clyde into the stores that have been kind enough to invite me to sell my books there in the past.
All in all it looks like I'm On My Way To a very busy week! Full speed ahead!!!!
(Today's picture is of our fireplace which is standing in line with the rest of the house for an overdue cleaning!)


  1. to infinity and beyond or umm errm infinity and retail consumption

  2. I feel the same way. My house has been so neglected since I started writing. Now I look around my house and ask, "Where did all these doggy tumbleweeds come from? Now I must clean and sell."