Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February's Guest Interview - Scott Cassity

Please let me introduce my first guest, Scott Cassity - my wonderful husband and the first to respond to my questions. I would like to add that I've never seen him step into a project that he can't handle - it's pretty impressive! - and that his powers of planning and organization are something I envy!

February's Interview

1) What goal are you working toward?
(Scott) Working on the house exterior making it look better and add things that my wife and I like.

2) What made you decide to pursue your goal?
(Scott)I started to see how much more potential the exterior could have with very little cost and lots of hard work over a few summers.

3) Do you have a timeline? If so, how did you set it?
(Scott)I usually work on the fly and depending on weather, I like to finish a big project within one summer. I usually figure out how long it will take me to do a task and then figure in worse case factoring in work. My replacement wrap around deck got finished but the roof did not. In my minds eye, the goal was met.

4) What keeps you motivated?
(Scott)The quality of the work being done and knowing it looks just like we expected. I like to see the various changes that make the outside look better and better each year.

5) How will you celebrate when you reach your goal?
(Scott)Well, things like this never really stop as new ideas keep going but individual projects are celebrated in a "I'm glad we did this" kind of way. We are all very hard working and proud of our projects we work on together.

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  1. Good interview. Successful house projects and curb appeal are always rewarding.