Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22nd Guest Interview - Theresa Flerx

My guest today is my friend and fellow writer, Theresa Flerx. Having read her life's story I can honestly say that while no one should have to handle much of what she has been through, she is a wonderful example of how to come through bad experiences with courage and strength while maintaining a warm heart and hope for the future.
A SPECIAL NOTE: Theresa will be appearing on The Lifetime Channel's morning show The Balancing Act tomorrow (February 23rd) during their 7:00-8:00 airing. Remember to set your DVR! If you miss it, visit Theresa's website where she will have a link to the video posted. While your there, don't forget to follow her weekday blog and check out her short stories!

Theresa Flerx, writer of her true life story, short stories, and other fiction and nonfiction. My blog - Perceptive Ponderings - is my way of sharing the odd, twisted view of the world I adopted after many anomalous life experiences. I enjoy writing cartoon the strip - The Squabblings of Botd and Chip - on Mondays, a mixed bag of anecdotes throughout the week which culminate with Friday Flerxism, so, after reading Brit's blog on a regular basis check out my blog at www.tflerxanecdotalist.com.

Q) What goal are you working toward?
A)To sell as many copies of my life story - Disequilibrium and the Multi-Faceted Crystal Ball to prove that I can earn money by writing. My ultimate goal is to use writing as a source of income for my "retirement" years. My life experiences have taught me a number of important lessons which my autobiography shares with its readers. Some of the important lessons any one can adopt are coping skills which include balancing, perspective, and the most important skill, a sense of humor. That is another goal of mine - to share these lessons.

Q) What made you decide to pursue your goal?
A)It was the right time. And to stop my recurring nightmares, filled with fury.

Q) Do you have a timeline? If so, how did you set it?
A)To earn a modest, steady income before I turn 60.

Q) What keeps you motivated?
A)I love painting scenes using the written word as my medium.

Q) How will you celebrate when you reach your goal?
A)Happy dance and party.

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