Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011

In the scheme of the week I have achieved a ton of wonderful and important things covering a wide range of areas. Some of them even fell on the list I posted on Monday. Monday's list, however, suffered a little and didn't quite make it to the "completed" pile. I'm still working on catching any corrections that need to be made before Clyde goes to the distributor - but the paperwork process there has bought me time since I'm at pause for acceptance, so I'm not actually behind (plus I made a small format change and addition in order to stretch the book to 80 pages and keep the spine text.) I've narrowed the book plan down to two options for the future Bart book,and found that I mis-read the Lightning Source information about color interiors (turns out they DO have that option thankfully). No illustrations yet, but I've got PLENTY of time. No query letters to agents or publishers, but I'm never sure if I actually want one, so that's probably the sticking point there. All in all a really good week - especially considering the time dedicated to reading legalese.
Happy weekend to everyone! See you on Monday!
(note on the pic: The pond thawed... maybe spring will be on its way soon!)

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  1. Legalese does tend to slow one down, but good job in getting things accomplished anyway! Gorgeous picture.