Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011

On this day of great sharing and love between twitter-pated soul mates and star-crossed admirers-from-afar I would just like to say that I HATE PAPERWORK!!!!!! Okay maybe it isn't the right sentiment for a day of hearts, and flowers, but I'm definitely planning on some chocolate to counteract the affects of proper filing, editing, planning and typing. That's my week in a nutshell by the way... can you feel my joy?
The distribution channel for "Clyde the Undead Dust Bunny" has hoops that I get to pay to jump through too! Plus I need to re-edit and catch a couple of mistakes I missed there and figure out a set price to add to the cover for bookstores. I had planned to start some illustrations this week for Bart and the Amber Bee Award, but have to figure out a cost effective page count and color illustration ratio before I can start (add in that Lightning Source does not handle color books and I may be going back to Authorhouse for that one (probably next year) - great company, just added cost... again. While I'm illustrating the Bart book I think I'm also going to be querying agents or publishers for it. Maybe one of them will see it's greatness and want to pick it up thereby cancelling out a couple of future headaches for me! I have also decided to only Query Bart and the Amber Bee Award and not worry about the letter for Craig's Quest for Crystal Cave. If a publisher likes Bart, they will also like Craig. If they don't like Bart, they won't be interested in Craig. No point in wrestling with a second query letter. Opens up some time to actually send the letter out. I know, I should have thought of that already... forest/trees issue, what can I say. So, there's what I'm On My Way Too this week - and dare I say I'll feel MUCH better after I have it behind me!
In other news, I'm going to change my once a month Guest Interview to once a week, so please watch for my beautiful and talented goddaughter Ashia Salyers tomorrow! I'll be e-mailing other participants with the updated schedule too. If you aren't on my list yet, I'd love to invite you and your goals to stop by and be seen here! Feel free to e-mail me at or check my notes section on facebook if you would like the list of 5 questions!
Best of luck and happy sailing toward your own goals this week. If they include paperwork, know that you aren't in that aggravating boat on your own!
(note on picture: Me and my Valentine!)

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