Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

January, I can't say that I'm going to be overly sad to see you go. Especially since this last day seems to be Computer Issue Day! So for this second attempt at my blog post I think I'll keep my fingers crossed!
First I would like to introduce tomorrow's brand new addition to the blog, it has no official name, but it's all about YOU. Guests answer interview questions about how they set, stick to, and plan to celebrate the reaching of the goals they have set for themselves this year. I'm looking forward to this new addition especially since there are so many different ways to look at goals, and having guests share theirs with my readers is a great way to find new things to do, new ways to handle what you have on your own plate, tricks to stay motivated, and lets not forget the reminder that no one is on this goal achievement path alone! Right now this addition will appear on the first of each month, but I'd love to get enough people participating to increase the frequency, so just let me know if you'd like to join in!
As for me, this week I'm On My Way To making a dent in a new month's list. I've got 4 projects to plan, make, and write directions for to fill out February's Sophie's Sneeze Page needs. I've also got a query letter to write for Craig's Quest for Crystal Cave. I'm still waiting for the new Writer's Market Book, so I'll be querying 2 manuscripts when it comes in - should keep me on my toes! I'm only putting 1 new writing page on the list because of the query letter this week. If I can fit anything else in, I'll be happy to share the accomplishment on Friday! Until then, I hope you have a great walk on your own path!

(Note on the pic: This is someone else's path, I just have the picture hanging around.)

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  1. The guest blog post addition is a great idea. If I think of anyone who can contribute I'll let them know about it. Hey, what about Vaughn?