Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

I'm sitting here with my January "To Do" List beside me, and I have to say that for the most part it worked out as it was meant to. I've completed 34 Wednesday's Words illustrations, written 5 pages and the remaining 8 Wednesday's Words sayings that I needed to reach the 52 week goal, I've kept up with the Sophie's Sneeze projects for the month (the one remaining one is 98% complete, I'm tied up in drying time right now and need to type up directions.) The only things I've not managed to wrestle into submission are book sales (need a plan that works from home in my pajamas for this time of year), and querying agents for Bart and the Amber Bee Award (got my Children's Writers and Illustrators Market 2011 book yesterday - check out the picture to see what managed to slip through a very reputable source's quality control department... I'm waiting on a new book to arrive.) - I also need to add reformatting Clyde for a different sized book to February's list now that I've decided on the distribution avenue, but that wasn't on January's list technically so doesn't really count as something I didn't complete! All in all I'm content with my progress - it looks pretty darned impressive from my viewpoint! So now it's off to the weekend (the real world looks a little challenging at the moment (broken washing machine, etc.), I almost wish I could just stay in my office and do busywork! See you Monday with a one day jump start on February's goals!


  1. see you wanted a jump start you just didnt know it yet congrats on your January

  2. Hope that book wasn't printed by Lightning Source, LOL.
    Good job with your January goals. Just think, if you keep the momentum, where you'll be by December!