Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011

Hello beautiful Friday that has no scheduled events! I really like you and am celebrating your existence by wearing my bathrobe and slippers all day! I may not have gotten any literary goals accomplished this week, but my brother found a great apartment in the town he was relocated to, got some great furniture to turn that apartment into his new home, and made it out of the towel, bedding, and curtain sections at the store with his sanity intact. I am glad he invited me along for his adventures, and hope that my being there helped him have a better time than if he had been stuck doing it all alone. I also managed to get me and the boys in to the dentist for our cleaning on time, and I got my hair cut and some really fun blue highlights added to combat the winter hum-drums (not to mention some personal grouchiness that has been lingering for too long.) All in all a very satisfying week, and a nice break from my usual routine! Now it's off to the weekend to rest up for the catch-up week I've got planned starting on Monday! See you then!

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  1. Glad your brother is situated. Can't wait to see the highlights, I bet they are adorable on you!
    My literary goals are to get my book off to Lightning Source on Sunday.
    Clyde was the genea pig for 48hrs, mine will be the sacraficial lamb for Lightning Source.