Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010

There are pluses and minuses to everything. Some of them even start out the same way. Take homeschooling for instance. One of the pluses is that we don't end up picking up every germ going around, so are therefore not sick very often during the year. One of the minuses is that we don't end up picking up every germ around, so don't build up quite as much of an immunity as we could. I'm trying to look at this week as an immunity builder instead of a misery maker. Me and Chance got it first, and now that we are both feeling more human, it seems to be Mason's turn. At this point I'm just hoping that Scott doesn't end up with it at all, or at least not when he needs to travel. Our house sounds like an add for cold medicine. All the company would have to do is record the coughing and sneezing, whining, etc. and play it over a picture of their cold medicine with the words "Feel better." at the end - they'd make millions (laughing). But speaking of whining, that's about enough out of me. Time to cheer instead.
I made it to the end of my To Do List this week. Illustrations are coming along well. I am debating the background color for the cover, but I know exactly how I want it to look other than that, and have Clyde all ready for her spot on it. Chapter illustrations are coming along better than I could have hoped too. I'm not fond of sketching or sticking to black and white, but I'm actually having fun coming up with the ideas right now.
I also finished reading Theresa's manuscript and got my critique done. I'm really excited for her. Her story is heart wrenching, but her strength is inspiring!
Now I'm off to pick out my flowers and pick up some groceries. Seen you on Monday with the next step forward!

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