Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

This week is already starting off with that teeter-totter like feeling that I really like to avoid. I woke up to find that this morning's frost - that I completely forgot was supposed to happen - had killed all but two of my basil plants. I'm kicking myself for this especially since those plants were happily taking up space on my hubby's work counter in the garage until yesterday afternoon when I decided to put them out in the sunshine so they could grow... Evidently this was not my best judgement call. On the up side, I did find the stamps that we were sure had been thrown away, mailed off along with a bill, or possibly eaten by office gnomes. The stamps were in my purse... right where I had put them so I wouldn't forget where they were. And those are just two examples from this lovely Monday - I'll spare you the rest. I'm sure you've had days just like this too (and I'm sure you're secretly snickering if it's not your turn to be having one today). I'm actually debating on how many times I'm going to have to re-read this and run spell check before I post just to counteract all the errors I'm sure I won't see the first time though. I am determined though. Call it lunatic optimism or a desperate avoidance of the truth if you will. I still have a list for this week, and I'm going to do what it takes to get to the end of it - I need more basil after all!
So here it is: My To Do List. This wonderful week ahead will have me on my way to finishing a short story in the hopes that I can wrestle it into shape for a contest deadline that just happens to be Friday. What can I say, procrastination seems to be one of my strong points.
I am also getting my sketch book out so I can get Clyde to appear on the page instead of just in my head. July is really not that far off after all, and I need a cover and eleven chapter illustrations. I figure if I start now, look at all the time I have to just dink around before I have to start sweating the deadline! My goal for this week is to figure out a repeatable character to draw and have at least three sketches done. I'm really looking forward to it too! Clyde just makes me feel happy.
Last but definitely not least, I really need to fit in some critique time for my friend's manuscript. I feel awful that it takes me so long to give her feedback, but life has been busy lately, and critiquing keeps getting put on the back burner. My goal is to have the second section sent back to her by Friday.
Did I mention that there are family festivities this weekend? My sister, Jen, is graduating from college! I'm so very proud of her, and I can't wait to toast her accomplishment at the party on Saturday! I wonder how it will feel for her to have that off of her own To Do List... My guess is amazingly good!
That being said, I'd better get my behind in gear and start moving toward the end of this weeks tunnel. I'm really hoping that I'll be smiling at the end of the journey!


  1. Hopefully procrastination and running out of time will provide inspiration. lol. Good luck with the contest. You have some good ones to choice from.
    No, July is not that far off, my goal is having mine in e-book form and online by the anniversary of my father's death in August. Don't worry too much about the critque, I'm still going over your suggestions for the first half and waiting for Jody to send back the second half.

  2. Funny how inspiration works that way sometimes =). (I believe I have a sketch of Clyde by the way!!! She wandered onto the page last night.)
    I need to finish your critique so I can finish reading the last part. It helps me to NOT procrastinate worse than usual by making myself do the one before the other. Even though I know things were horrible for you during that time, I'm really looking forward to seeing how you ended the book. I think you've done a wonderful job of writing a book that the reader can become emotionally invested in. I think your goal for August is a good one, although I'm hoping an agent/editor/publisher will discover you this June instead!