Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

I have no idea how my husband does it. He can do a 16 hour round trip road journey that requires 5 hours of work between the driving episodes, and then turn around and work from his home office early the next morning like he had been home the whole time. We do a weekend trip where we enjoy fun with the extended family who are only six hours from our house, I get a good nights sleep once we get home, and still here I am dragging on this rainy Monday. It's enough to make a person feel positively wimpy by comparison! However, here I am, and since I made it this far I suppose that setting some goals for the week is in order. Luckily I've got an almost ready made list since I didn't manage to finish up last week!
The first thing I'm going to be on my way to this week is illustrations for Clyde the Undead Dust-bunny. Since I know what she looks like, I'm going to work on the cover and chapter illustrations for the first 5 chapters. That should put me halfway done with the illustration part of the book.
I am also going to finish up the manuscript critique I almost got done last week, and read the last part of Theresa's manuscript. (Side note: For anyone interested in reading more about how to overcome some incredibly difficult circumstances and still be a wonderfully well balanced and good person by the end of them, visit Theresa's website at I'm sure she'd love to have you drop by, check out excerpts from her book and collection of short stories and follow her blog!)
If I can finish those couple of things up this week, a giant weight will be lifted, and I will no longer feel like such a slug! Then next week I can find something new to be headed for with more of a positive feeling. I hope your week goes well! Stop back on Friday to see if my motivation kicked in!

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