Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

Sometimes it’s all just about maintenance. Today feels like the beginning of one of those weeks. There are weeds in my flower beds, weeds in my vegetable garden, weeds in the big front walkway, and mental weeds in my head. All of them have me cranky, and my dear and loving family is getting tired of it. Don’t get me wrong, I understand their glares and their silence, I’d glare and avoid me too if it were possible. I just wish that they would see that it is summer out there. The fact that we are all in our respective dungeons trying to catch up with things that should not need caught up with is frustrating and having to cancel fun plans because of schedules that have not been followed makes me angry. I am human after all. Ah but anyway, enough growling and airing of dirty laundry. I let the weeds get out of control and haven’t got the new additions planted yet, so I suppose I’m just as bad.
In keeping with the maintenance theme, I’m On My Way To some back burner typing this week. I’ve got notes that need to become computer files, I’ve got two critiques to double check, and I’ve got some small illustrations for a blog idea to begin… and the weeding of course – both physical and mental. I’ll see you on Friday with a better view (also both physical and mental) to share!

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