Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010

I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning with the feeling that I had forgotten something. As I pondered in the weird combination of pictures and itty bitty small words that passes for English in my brain before the caffeine was added, it hit me. I never did Friday's update here! What can I say, when weeks shift and flex to the degree that last week did, sometimes things slip through the cracks and get lost. I am here now though, and I suppose that's what is going to have to matter.
So the update goes as follows: The important weeds - the ones that were choking out the good mood in my head - are gone. The battle still rages for the flowerbeds, walkway and vegetable garden although I have conquered a large amount of them.
Sketches have begun on the new addition to the blog I have planned. I'm wanting to wait until I have a decent backlog of them to add it in. I may actually wait until September when everyone shifts out of summer mode and might be looking for something a little new.
I also admit that I didn't get to the critiques. That was the plan for yesterday as I accompanied my friend Theresa Flerx on a day trip. We met with Sandy Tritt with Inspiration for Writers who Theresa is having edit her manuscript. I had planned for a block of time where I would need to entertain myself while they discussed Theresa's book, but as it worked out that discussion flowed around lunch and a very enjoyable tour of Parkersburg, so no free time happened. Good thing I have a little time left!
The outcome is that although I made a LOT of forward progress, I don't get any new flowers this week. This has been happening quite a bit lately. I think it might have something to do with summer. Smaller list needed? I hate to downsize my personal expectations. I think I'll just take what comes, accept when I don't quite reach the goal and cheer when I do.
See you tomorrow with what comes next!

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  1. Make forward progess your goal. That way you still progress yet stay flexible and can pat yourself on the back at the same time for your accomplishments, no pun intended, lol.