Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

This summer is trucking right along in the fast lane with no governor on the speedometer! Chance's birthday went GREAT! I would also like it noted that I was the only one who did not spend any time sprawled on the floor of the roller rink in pain. That being said I would like to add that my body is definitely still saying that it is not quite as young as it used to be and that my time in the chair is not helping at all.(As I'm sure the brownie cake in the picture with Chance is also not helping LOL)
So let's see, this week I will actually meet a longstanding goal by default. On Friday I will officially have enough money to self-publish Clyde if she does not get picked up by the publisher that she is visiting (We are all keeping our fingers crossed that they will love her and want to publish her of course!) My inner clock is in a frenzy because there was a timeline there and I've met it. Waiting until October feels like hitting the "snooze" button on myself and it's still sort of uncomfortable! At least I have plenty of other things to keep me busy.
Since I'm feeling a little bit "at loose ends" I think this week will be a good one for tying up a few hanging projects. I'm planning on finishing up my critiques for the writer's group. I also need to finish getting my paypal account set up and figure out how to get my store tied to my website. I've been working on a picture book version of one of the Dragonpox, so I think I'll wrap up my To Do List by finishing the first draft of that. I think I'm going to use the name "Quillan" in place of Fiddlebug just in case... (fingers crossed on Bart and the Amber Bee Award too!)
I'll see you on Friday to let you know if I have a pretty bow or a tangled knot! I hope your weekend goes well!


  1. wow,, such a big 1 year old!! : )

  2. Good luck on your very busy week ahead. I do find time does fly when you stay busy. My father used to say "the best way to kill time is to work it to death."
    That picture of the brownie cake makes my mouth water.
    Love the name Quillan. Fingers crossed for Quillan, Bart and Clyde

  3. To Anonymous - I know it, the birth was an ugly process too *laughing* Actually it was a case of mistaken identity - the box of candles I KNEW were in the cupboard turned out to be food coloring. Everyone considered taking away my Mom Card for a day or so, but the chocolate chip and caramel brownie concoction holding that one candle saved me! Never underestimate the power of sugar.

  4. Thanks Theresa, I like Quillan too. I'm still researching the name, but so far I haven't found anything that could cause a conflict. I'm working on another project too, but I hate putting it as a goal since I'm using it as down time. I think you'll like it though, so I'll show you when we get together for lunch.