Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19,2010

As promised I've got a picture of the same flowering bush that I posted last week to share with you. Notice the color change! As fall draws nearer, the current pink color will darken to red. I think it's beautiful, and it helps remind me to look at changes in a positive light. After all, the flowers were very pretty when they were white, they are just as pretty now with their pink beginning to show up and they will be pretty later on when the red develops. I think I'd really miss the changes if they decided to just stay one color all year.
Speaking of new and changes, I've got a new list for the week. One of the things on it is something I've been putting off for quite a while now. I'm great at finding "reasons" to wait, but really it all comes down to the same excuse. I hate cameras, and the project is to begin a video story time addition for my website. Thankfully I'll be dressed up as a fairy, so I can pretend it's not me in front of the lens, but I'm still a little nervous about how the whole thing will go. I'm not sure how long the entire book will take me to film, but this week's goal is to get the first section read so I can see if my camera will handle the job. If not, I will have to rethink.
I also want to get newsletters featuring the projects by month from the Sophie's Sneeze page at my website together. My hope is that with school coming, some of the projects might fit in well for the teachers, and also give them some options to choose from if they want me to come read at story time and do a craft. I'm hoping to have back issues available through the site by Friday.
The other thing on my list this week is to get the new pieces that need critiqued from the writer's group printed out and started. They aren't due for a while yet, but it will be a nice distraction from my own projects! We have some very good writer's in the group, and I look forward to reading their work.
So there's what I'm On My Way To this week. Let's see if I can actually be on time with Friday's update for once *laughing*!

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  1. Just pretend there is no camera, it's just another story time. I know, make Mason and Chance sit and you can read to them. They'll love it.