Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010

Ah, Friday! Finally! And yes, I did make it to the end of my list - however, the first idea for video story time is going to require more thought. I'm just not happy with how it turned out, so back to the drawing board. Not the least of the problems is the fact that I want to do it outside which means I melt and the cats want to be involved *laughing*. The newsletters, however, turned out great! Now to figure out how to get people to go in and download them. I think I'm going to drop some copies off at a few of the kid oriented offices around here and see if that helps.
But now for more important things - tomorrow is Chance's birthday! Hard to believe that my "baby" is turning 14! I hear we are going to try to find a place to go roller skating in celebration and he wants a double layer brownie with icing between the layers instead of a traditional cake (makes me get a sugar rush just thinking about it!) So we are on our way to a terrific weekend! I'm leaving you with a baby picture of Chance and I'll post a recent one on Monday - gotta love how quick they grow! I hope yours is great too!


  1. Great picture!! That brownie cake sounds good.
    I have a link for promotional mailing lists that I will check for children related places for you. World Wide Web - think worldwide, Brit. LOL

  2. Oh, oh yeah, WORLD - I need to work on that - I keep saying I'm going to find sites to link my website to, and then somehow it slips through the cracks. I'd throw it on this weeks goals, but I've got a couple of others clammoring to get in there first.