Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011

On a serious note first, please keep my Aunt Joan and the rest of my extended family in your prayers. My Uncle Harold passed away a few days ago after an extended and bravely fought battle with cancer. He was a good guy - you would have liked him if you had a chance to meet him. I'm sorry he is gone, but I'm glad that his suffering is past. For those he left behind; may they find peace and remember him with smiles.

Now for the normal stuff: I've got some leftovers for next weeks list. I'm trying to look at them the same way as I do homemade chili - they may have been good when they first went on the list, but they will be better for the time they sat. Besides, coming home and immediately having the control box on the water pump go out sort of sucked the wind out of my "Let's run around and talk to libraries and schools about my great new idea" Sails. I'm a bathing type of person, so scummy business meetings are on my no-no list. Everything is fixed now - VERY thankfully - so I'll be able to handle the visits with much more squeaky clean confidence next week. I'm also still working on the Galax Book Festival, but that should be easier next week also since I'll be home. Less phone tag is always better, and cell phones are a bit unreliable where I live. As for the gym... we just don't even want to talk about that. Next week is a new week.
This weekend holds the glamour of the grocery store, and hopefully some dirty work in the flower beds (if the forecast doesn't hold more of that stinking snow). Maybe I'll even be able to start setting up the tree house... I work so much better out there sometimes! Anyway, enjoy your weekend, and I'll see you again on Monday!


  1. Oh, forgot the note on the pic: Finally! Flowers!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your uncle.

    Your week sounded like mine. My power line into the house was loose, every time the wind blew my electricity went out,but it still took 28 hours for them to wander by to fix it. Oh, did I mention that I notified the power company at 6 Tuesday evening and they decided to wait until 12:30 AM on Wednesday to come out to repair the flapping power line?
    I'm glad both of our home issues are resolved.