Monday, April 4, 2011

April 6, 2011

Welcome to Testing Week! Literally. Okay it's just two days - three if you count Mason's ACT on Saturday, but it really does shift the entire week into the weird(er) zone schedule-wise around here. Chance and I will be off to Renick, WV on both Tuesday and Wednesday - bright and early - so he can take the required standardized test for the school board. While he's doing that I will be giving the test to one of the lower grades (you can't test your own kids after all), so please wish us all luck. I still say it's incredibly silly to judge any child's abilities on a single test, but we must play the game by the rules. The good part is that we use this opportunity to take a "mini-vacation" from the norm, so Chance and I will be staying in Lewisburg with the indoor pool and hot tub - and much closer proximity to Renick. Very stress relieving! We'll be closer to the gym too so I shouldn't miss out on my three-times-weekly torture treatments.
As far as my literary life goes, this week is going to have a lot of correspondence involved. The visits to two Barnes & Noble stores on Saturday proved very fruitful for book signings and I've got follow up e-mails to send so I can begin putting together necessary promotional materials. (Side note: the managers and staff at both stores were incredibly nice to work with, if you're ever in the Roanoke, VA area, stop in and get some great reading material!) I'm also working out fine points for the upcoming Galax Book Festival so need to return a phone call. While I'm out in civilization I plan to pitch an idea for a mini-class aimed at middle-graders on developing a character and plot for short stories to the librarians in the area. I think that's where I'm ending the list... paper or technology don't really get along with hot tubs after all!
I wish you well with whatever you are On Your Way To this week! And enjoy any beautiful spring weather that happens to come your way - not matter how short it may stay!
(Note on the picture: Okay, this is an old picture BUT it was taken at Cranberry Glades which is not that far from Renick, WV and I wanted to get a little plug in for the location since people are starting to consider their vacations. There are some beautiful places here if you like nature - some include boardwalks or waterfalls, nature trails and education centers. It really is a great place to bring your kids.)

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  1. Hope all the test related goals went well, as well as the mini-class pitch.
    Can't wait to do the book signings at Galax and Roanoke.