Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22, 2011

Happy long weekend (for some of you) and Happy Easter!

Want a good description of the past week here? Just check out the picture of my daffodils (placed strategically away from where I normally walk since they make me sneeze like a mad fiend). See how they are all "looking" in a different direction and seem just generally confused and distracted? That's my brain. I'm figuring this will be the normal operating mode for a little as we hunt for a new place for Mom to live and then get her settled.

I also made the mistake of filing a revision to Clyde the Undead Dust Bunny. It was just the removal of one line of text (my old website address) and a very minor cover change. I honestly thought this would be a week long process at the outside and under the worst case scenario. I was wrong. I neglected to change my e-mail address for their contact information so the e-mail letting me know that the fonts were not embedded in the new file went into the nothingness of lost Internet mail. That bumped the 3 day change time to a week and a phone call from me to find out what was going on, plus another change, plus that 3 day change time (if all the files are okay this time) PLUS the up to 5 more weeks to get everything back in the system. I'm thinking I should have just left it well enough alone. At this point the down time could threaten a signing I have in June and I really can't schedule any more with the book being unavailable. Sort of a sales killer. It reminds me of that story about losing a kingdom because of a horseshoe nail... I just keep reminding myself that "One day, this will be funny."

See you on Monday (hopefully with a more positive, and less befuddled attitude!)


  1. There are times when it's WONDERFUL to be proved wrong! I got an e-mail about 45 seconds after I posted this that Clyde was awaiting my approval - which I did right away - so HOPEFULLY the book will be back on B&N and Amazon VERY soon! YAY!!!!! **happy dance**

  2. Do you sneeze out fairy dust? I too join in with the dazed and confused daffodils.
    Very glad you are back in the mood for the happy dance. I think this distributor needs to change its name to something that defines its true speed like Snail's Pace!