Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 5, 2010

Man (or woman in my case) plans... God laughs by letting errands take a LOT longer than anticipated on Friday followed by a stomach bug for Saturday that didn't let much moving around happen. I'm almost afraid to say that I'd really like to get Christmas decorating done today... Maybe this is the "Go with the Flow" sign. Anyway, despite it all, my attitude is a little better. The bad mood isn't completely gone, but what is left has nothing to do with my writing life. At worst I'm hoping to keep it separate, and at best I'll use it as a catalyst at some point. I'm also mulling over some future plans very tentatively. The mulling will take a while, which is fine with me. For now, I'm just really happy to be feeling better! See you Monday. (note about the pic: Here's to future flowers!)

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  1. I'm in the go with the flow state of mind as far as Christmas decorating is concerned. I think the tree is as far as I go this year, because of the wintery weather.