Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

If the kitchen floor cleaning fairies would appear and Santa would pick up a box or two on his upcoming trip I'd be set. Barring those two options I'm surprisingly close to being as caught up as I had hoped to be today. Check out the first part of The Quest for Crystal Cave - a stand alone Fiddlebug and Friends story that I am sharing for the holidays instead of the normal projects. It's up on the Sophie's Sneeze page at .
A thought also hit me this week that when it comes right down to it, my goals and tangible accomplishments don't often reflect what I'm actually doing with my weird little writing career during the week. I don't mention story ideas that I write up and set aside to see if they want to become something more or if they are happy just to be a thought bubble - I do a lot of that actually. Sadly I have a fear that it's my brain's way of avoiding editing existing writing (I say that while trying to smile and laugh like it's a joke...) I dig through my mentally drained mind hoping to find some great marketing idea for what I already have published so I can increase sales and expand my area of exposure without draining the itty bitty amount of funds I have to put toward the cause right now. I remind myself that I need to work on some illustrations for the Wednesday's Words posts, and for a couple of manuscripts that are pretty much complete (aside from some - you guessed it - editing) I also try to work in time to read the advice of people who have found solutions to their writing issues to see if any of those will work for me (mostly I then snort and mutter "Well, that looks like a whole lot of luck to me," by the end of the article.) Granted I don't do any of this in huge blocks of time and a lot of it is done while loading the dishwasher or getting dinner ready, etc. Most of it stays in my head or jotted on post-it notes that later disappear into the space/time vortex floating around in this office. The thing is that I do actually spend a lot more time working than it looks like I do here some weeks. If you're wondering, I'm mentioning this because I needed the reminder. I've got a lot going on in the part of my world where the pen is definitely not mightier than the pile of dishes and where communication doesn't happen just because I decide to write dialog. When you're measuring progress in an area that isn't speeding along, sometimes its important to mark off the centimeters.
Anyway, enough ramblings. I'm off to the weekend - which very joyfully includes my favorite Chronicles of Narnia story in movie form: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! See you Monday!
(Note on the picture: I could go on about some meaningful reason I picked this pic, but really I just liked it (and I don't have a scan of the pastel "Narnia" ship I did a few years back that I really wanted to post...) - hope you like my choice too!)

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  1. I believe writing is a 48 hour a day job, because the mind never stops thinking about something with a story or marketing it. Like you say, it might just centimeters in progress but the thoughts are there.