Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17, 2010

Hmmmm well, I got ONE new Wednesday's Words illustration done, and I PLANNED what cookies I'm going to make... that counts, right? Especially when you take a couple of things into consideration like: I've been working in the living room for the added warmth of the fireplace. The boys have also been working in the living room for the same reason. During school hours having me so handy and close prompts a lot of questions about school work, and is also a great way for them to procrastinate doing said school work by checking my progress on whatever I'm working on. Kind feels like having vultures hovering which doesn't feed creativity well. After school I've been "enjoying" their choices for TV viewing. Let's just say that I now completely understand why some have said that TV will rot your brain. Mine is soft, mushy and devoid of most of its IQ points - also not great for creativity. I would have escaped to bake cookies, but as it turned out all the little weird things that go with the recipes I want to make this year need restocked and someone decided they wanted chocolate and wiped out half the bag of chocolate chips. It wasn't me either in case you were wondering, I had plans to put those in chocolate cookie batter with marshmallows in the middle - MUCH better chocolate fix than plain old chocolate chips! So now it's off to the store for ingredients - hopefully the cold air and time away from the brain leach of any show involving Ashton Kutcher (what the HECK is Demi Moore thinking????????), firecrackers, and/or a catalog of would be Darwin Award moments will kick start my mental motor again! Have fun with your weekend, stay warm, and enjoy the last few days of pre-Christmas excitement buildup!

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