Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

Here I am at the second Monday of my "vacation". Life has been too busy for things to feel much like a break, but I'm pretty sure that's how all vacations go! Once again, I'm not going to set any literary goals other than updates this week, but I'm also not shying away from ideas if I get them (and I've had a couple starting to bubble up in the absence of The Plan too, so that's an added perk!) I'll see you again on Friday to let you know if my muse decided to let me get away with some actual time off or if she just decided to bite harder to gain my attention! Enjoy your week, and best of luck making it to the end of your own tunnel!
(Picture: This picture is of Chance and I reflected in Moncove Lake earlier this summer)


  1. Interesting picture. Time away from writing is when inspiration hits, ususally when there is no pen and paper around. lol Hope you enjoyed your vacation even though it was busy.

  2. I'm thinking vacations are supposed to be insanely busy - which is nice in it's own way. I may have to start carrying the little notebook and pen in my back pocket though - I think it could cut down on bruising from muse teeth by blocking the bite!