Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

It's still Monday - maybe not for long, but it IS still Monday and I finally made it to updates! I'm actually pretty proud of the fact, 'cause to be honest it's been a busy day and the momentum was threatening to carry me into tomorrow without pausing long enough for me to get here or post a new project on the Sophie's Sneeze page at (for those of you who may have missed the actual address of my website). I won though - there is a Wishing Star project up and ready, and I know what my goals are for the week here, so I'm in pretty good shape!
This week I'm On My Way To:
Rewriting and expanding the beginning of the closet monster story so that it forms 3 nice chapters. I'm working off of an outline and character description sheets for the first time. I normally let the story free form first, but keep hearing how this works "so well" that I decided to see what my opinion is of the process. So far the jury is still out.
I'm also launching my new addition to this blog on Wednesday. It's going to be called Wednesday's Words from Almost Comfortable Skin. Stop by and check it out. For your time you will get some words (that might be confused with wisdom if your not careful) that come from either personal experience or observed situations that have settled into the thought patterns that make me who I am. As an added bonus there will be a small illustration to accompany said words. Some are positive... some are snarky... some are just a little glimpse into the side of me that needs to be left out of my writing because it's not really a kid thing. Everyone needs an outlet. I hope Wednesday's Words bring a smile to your face or a new thought to your head!
Those are the two big things. On the minor side, I need a new update from Clyde, to get August's newsletter put together and added - along with some hand made Fiddlebug tote bags - into store inventory at the website (yes, go check it out, then check back often - there are some great freebies there too!)
So, there you go, my week at a glance... I wonder if I should just sleep in my running shoes!
(today's picture is my Mermaid - Prisma colored pencils - 2006)


  1. Hope you're obtaining your goals as expected. Love the mermaid!

  2. It's sort of freaky - I'm through the list aside from the rewrite so far. I'm planning on hacking at that here in a little while so barring unforseen plan shifts and outright procrastination I'm thinking I should actually get through the list this week which makes me pretty darned happy!