Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

Welcome to Monday! (Please say that in that overly cheerful voice that you just know is faked, but has just enough hope left to not pull someones hair out) Every time I touch the keyboard today something comes up, so updates are late and no progress has really been made... but it is a Monday after all. I will cut it some slack and hope that tomorrow brings a little more co-ordination to my forward momentum. I do, after all, TRY not to fall on my face where goals are concerned all that often.
So this week I only have two goals and they are tied together. They are a really big set to me though. I am going to fine tune Clyde the Undead Dust-bunny so that she can be on her way to Candlewick Press by Friday when I update again. That's all I'm On My Way To, but it's an awfully big step, so here's hoping I don't trip over my own feet with typos or over-revising.
I'm posting some roses from the circular flower bed in the side yard. They are gorgeous, and cheerful and bright, but require a delicate touch because of the thorns... Sort of like revisions. Handle roses wrong and the thorns will make you forget how wonderful the flowers are, handle revisions wrong and the mistakes will make you forget how great the story is!
Have a great week, and I'll see you Friday!

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  1. While you revise, be sure to take time to smell those roses or at least remember to breathe.