Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18, 2010

I... am a lousy liar or I would SAY that I got my list done and I would pick up flowers when I go out to run errands today. I did get a solid start on my list and I hacked it down about 80%, and I came up with a pretty good list of excuses... I mean REASONS... to not quite have made it through all of my e-mails and getting my notes from the conference typed up. Mostly, though, I'll admit that I severely under-estimated the week, and over-estimated my invisible superwoman cape and its ability to let me keep up with everything. Ah well, I shall live without new additions to the flower beds... which need weeded anyway... until next week. For now, me and that cape are going to go try to keep up with the wonderful weekend ahead! I hope yours keeps you smiling too!
(Note on the art: I painted that quite a while ago - now it reminds me of the meadow pond in Fiddlebug. Sometimes I wonder if that particular fictitious forest has always been floating around in my head)

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