Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 26, 2010

I spent Friday finishing a paper making project because the repetition of the process left my brain wide open to think while I still managed to get something I've been planning on doing for a Long time done. I had gotten everything except the decision on Clyde done - the new critique group looks like it's going to be wonderful and my office is more organized than it has been in ages - and really needed to spend some focused time weighing my options there. In the end, two things tipped the balance in favor of sending Clyde to Candlewick for review. The first one is curiosity, I just can't stand NOT knowing if they would have said yes. The second is optimism. I will be out nothing but a little time with a "no" and, since I'm confident in the story, I feel that Clyde stands at least as much chance as anything else of getting a "Yes". Plus, I'm hoping to have a little bit of fun with this on my website. Flexibility is important, and so is a little risk taking, so I'm going to bend my plan and be brave with this choice. I've got a few more minor revisions I want to make, but with luck I'll have that done next week and Clyde will be off to her adventure with the publishers. With luck I'll know something on both the Clyde story and the Bart story (which is currently in the very capable hands of Cathy Teets with Headline Books) sometime before October. Keep your fingers crossed for me! (Toes too!)While I'm waiting, maybe I can catch up on some weeding and actual writing *laughing* See you on Monday with some new goals - until then, here is a picture of my favorite lily in the flower bed, some more of these are on my list for the store when I get out next. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Clyde got her courage from you and she is brave enough to face Candlewick, so boldly send her on. Good Luck little dust-bunny.